Lady Death (chapter 10)

Chapter Ten

The Darkness

Where . . . where am I? Am I dead? I cant see anything.

“hello?” I call into the darkness, and my call bounces around the cold damp room.

where the hell am I? I call once more into the dark preying for an answer from anyone. Hell I would even accept Zhubins’ voice as long as I can get out of here.

“Good morning sunshine! you took quite a little spill. But I think you will be okay now.” a familiar sweet voice range throughout the room. I must be dreaming. It cant be her. Tzaddi?

“Am . . . Am I dead?” I stutter.

“Not hardly, but you came close. You may thank me for that now if you wish.” there was harshness in her voice that I didn’t recognize. She never sounded quite so . . . cold.

“Who are you? Your voice sounds familiar to me.”

“No one . . . Everyone. . . A shadow in your mind.” I heard her sauntering around the room as if she loved toying with my senses. “But you may call me Angela on any account.”

“Angela? But your voice sounds like a woman I used to know a long time ago. My wife. She. . . died . . . some years ago. It must be a coincedence.”

“oh? . . . Yes a very odd coincedence. What was her name?”

“Tzaddi.” my voice cracked a little with emotion as I said her name for the first time in a while. Even though her name had been then first word on my lips for many many centuries. Her gentleness and love were unlike anything I had ever known before. With her beauty and innocence it was as if she were actually made of light. She was just . . . pure.

“ . . . Pretty name. Its unusual. What does it mean?”

“ I am not sure. She was named by her grandmother. It’s not important I guess.” the first streaks of day came through the window. Not enough for me to see the girl whom I had just been talking to but enough for me to see a brightly shines golden pendant that hung around her neck. It seemed to be fashioned in the shape of a peacock.

“interesting. . .” she said smoothly. Then all at once she became all too aware of the light seeping in through the window. “I’m sorry. I must go for now. Rest and eat this. I will return at dusk.” she left a plate on the seat she had been sitting in. the seat I had neither noticed or seen because of the immense darkness that filled the room. But now that the sun was coming up I could tell the shapes of the things in my room. But fine details like patterns and facial observation still escaped me.

Published by Nashra Addims

I may not always be correct in the paths i choose to follow, but every path i take is always worth the journey

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